Posted by: Geoff | December 22, 2013

The Carlton

The Carlton Llandudno

A peep at the decorative window of the Carlton pub on Mostyn Street, a welcome sight in this horrendous weather!



  1. We are having horrible weather too – a massive ice storm which has been going on since yesterday!

  2. I’m all for a warm spot to take the chill off.

  3. Sorry that you’re having such bad weather. You could come to Florida for a few days to warm up! 🙂 But in the event that’s not possible a warm pub like this one would be just what Santa ordered!

  4. A nice hot 3 course meal is just the ticket on a cold stormy day…

  5. It looks like they have some pretty good bargains for Xmas too!

  6. I’m all for cheap and cheerful. Probably comfort food too,at that price!

  7. I bet you’d much prefer to be inside than outside. 😉

  8. I love painted windows. 🙂
    What does a Christmas dinner consist of in your neck of the woods? Here in Germany it would probably include goose or duck (ick!).

    • Turkey!

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