Posted by: Geoff | December 19, 2013

Looking up Mostyn Street

Mostyn Street Llandudno

Looking up Mostyn Street towards the Great Orme, shortly before 10am this morning.



  1. A nice bright outlook after yesterdays storms.

  2. too early for the hustle and bustle…looks like it’s a nice day! i think our day will be similar today!

  3. What a bright and sunny morning!

  4. With the palm trees and the sun, it could be early morning in summer. Except for the snowstorm, of course!

  5. What a beautiful blue morning and there’s my Take a Break coffee-shop next to M&C. It does my favourite milky coffee,reasonably priced!

  6. The Christmas shoppers are obviously not earlybirds

  7. So pretty and peaceful at this time…though as others remarked I’m sure the hustle and bustle starts soon enough!

  8. It looks like a nice day ahead!

  9. This is a different take on your beautiful city. I like it. And I love that morning light! Thanks!

  10. After having stopped at the brand new Marks and Spencer store in Paris on my way home from work (oh… bangers and mince pies and scones and oh M&S has been sorely missed these last 10 years in Paris but I digress) all I would need now is a (night) walk there.

    • Love Paris but know what you mean!

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