Posted by: Geoff | December 18, 2013

Beneath the pier

Llandudno Pier North Wales

A slightly different view of Llandudno Pier, taken yesterday afternoon from beneath Happy Valley Road.



  1. A nice perspective of the pier,and the work thats gone into the legs that hold up the pier, reminds me of the meccano construction kits i used to have when i was a nipper.

  2. a great view of the pier!

  3. I like this view very much. This photo is post card perfect.

  4. I like this view from below.

  5. Very apt name for the road, look how beautiful it is from this angle!

  6. I like this one a lot too, Geoff!

  7. A lovely composition. And thanks for your visit to Ocala. I’m back posting, if sporadically for awhile. I wonder if small boats park under the pier to fish?

  8. It looks so big like that!

    (VDP’s feed is down again…)

  9. A striking contrast of rugged rocks and mathematical order.Did these rocks provide your strange ‘face’ in an earlier post?

    • Similar rocks Barbara, but the ‘face’ was a couple of miles further around the Orme.

  10. A serene scene! 🙂

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