Posted by: Geoff | December 17, 2013

North Parade Llandudno

North Parade Llandudno

A look along North Parade from Prince Edward Square, notice the goats grazing on the Great Orme high above the Belmont Hotel.



  1. Todays picture looks much brighter and dryer, its a beautiful looking prom with neatley cut grass verges,bet the goats would like a nice little nibble there!!

  2. i love all those colorful facades!

  3. The pastel colours remind me of the sugared almonds I have a weakness for!Looks just the day for a brisk walk.Pansy faces will soon be filling the flower bed.

  4. I embiggened the photo to see the goats. 😉

  5. That is a very pretty street.

  6. I love the painted buildings!

  7. I had to enlarge the photo, I would never have noticed otherwise! I think I’ve already said that I love those pastel tones!

  8. I also enlarged to see the detail – love those goats. Oh and love those beautiful homes, can I move in please?

  9. It’s quite picturesque.

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