Posted by: Geoff | December 6, 2013

The calm after the storm


A very quiet Upper Mostyn Street this morning.  The beautiful building in the background is the Empire Hotel; above it, on the Orme, are a handful of wild goats, no doubt staying low down in case of further bad weather.



  1. Glad you and the goats got thru the storm ok!.poor old rhyle and towyn sufferd tho..hope the people are ok..

  2. how neat to look out your hotel room and see the goats!

  3. The hotel looks especially gorgeous this morning, that light! I’d love a view of goats out my hotel window too:)

  4. What a beautiful hotel. That looks like a great place to stay.
    I see it’s started to snow on your blog!

  5. There were pics in our paper this morning of the prom and tower in Blackpool and I thought of you and your shop out on the pier. Hope everything was okay for you.

  6. Our coasts have taken a battering so this elegant building reminds us that there is still order and calm in life. How about afternoon tea here with three tier cake stand,silver teapot,china cups!

  7. That afternoon tea sounds good, especially if it was followed by a G&T or two a bit later!

  8. Love the hotel’s architecture, must be great to have afternoon tea and watch the storm all the while knowing there are goats above! 🙂

  9. It must have been terribly cold! I do like the idea of a cozy tea in the hotel.

  10. O.K. Will treat you all to afternoon tea and maybe a G&T!

  11. 🙂

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