Posted by: Geoff | November 28, 2013

A peep at the prom

Llandudno Promenade

Looking through the trees in the Happy Valley, over the cable car station and down onto the promenade.



  1. The prom looks so tiny, Are you up a tree taking this shot geoff? you seem quiet high up, ive not noticed that bit of a spire on top of the cable car station before..i thort it was a part of the grand hotel just peeping over.then i realised the grands further down to the right!!!!.a smashing shot tho..

    • It’s all about angles, Terry 😉

  2. A rather different view of the town. All looks quiet and serene with the smoke of a distant bonfire catching the eye.Autumn is in the air.

  3. So postcard pretty – agree with Barbara this is a slightly different perspective. What amazing photowalks you get to enjoy there!

  4. Another pretty view of the city!

  5. A great perspective on the town!

  6. I like this view very much. I noticed the smoke, too, Barbara!

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