Posted by: Geoff | November 6, 2013

High tide

Picture of Llandudno Promenade

Looking down from the promenade, as the sea laps at the foot of the steps that lead down to the jetty and beach.


  1. looks almost tranquil but i bet it’s darn cold

  2. Pewter,iron and grey. What a stunning picture!

  3. Wow!! the sea sure does come in close to the prom.

  4. When I visited Portmeirion years ago, one of the things I remember enjoying was watching the rise and fall of the water in the estuary. For a person living in the desert, it was such and interesting thing to watch.

  5. It looks cold!!

  6. It looks so calm after all those storms.

  7. This is simply a delightful photo. I can hear the gentle lapping!

  8. aren’t the tides amazing?! i love the photo!

  9. That looks like an exceptionally high tide — or is it always like that? Looks like a walk on the beach at high tide might be a bit difficult!

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