Posted by: Geoff | November 5, 2013

Christmas shopping at Clare’s

Picture of Clare's Mostyn Street Llandudno

A peep inside Clare’s on Mostyn Street, as they gear up for the Christmas rush.



  1. Ahh xmas!! my fave time of the year, with the shops all festive up and the street light decorations. Its going to be a magical llandudno indeed.

  2. So nice that we get to peep at llandudno although we are far away

  3. YIKES! How can it be Christmas already? (It sure is coming on fast!)

  4. It’s starting everywhere. I saw some Christmas decorations going up this weekend.

  5. christmas shopping?!! i guess it is that time of year!

  6. Haven’t even thought about it yet!

  7. Our big Santa Claus parade here is on Nov 17 and then it starts to feel like the Christmas season for me. Still feels like fall now!

  8. Lovely photo of a nice window display! Christmas advertising and decor has begun here in Montreal as well, and the stores are getting in their Christmas stock already. It is the best time of year for sales in retail so they do start early.

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