Posted by: Geoff | October 24, 2013

A walk around the Great Orme #13

Picture of the Great Orme

We’re taking a break for a while, so we thought we would take you on a walk all the way around the Great Orme until we’re back. There will also be a few interesting facts mentioned on our walk, which we have compiled from various sources. Apologies in advance if any aren’t 100% accurate!

As we approach the corner to begin our journey down to the West Shore, Puffin Island becomes visible in the distance off to the right, with Anglesey beyond.



  1. seems like this would be poular with bikers!

  2. This gives a different view than other photos I’ve seen. Very nice. Hope you’re having fun.

  3. What a fine walk we are having!

  4. Straight down the Straits. Love this view.

  5. Truly lovely – there’s a mix of wild, lonely, grand and postcard-perfect at every step (and scene).

  6. I looked all this up on a map just to picture it better. This is a great tour for us non-brits, Geoff.

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