Posted by: Geoff | October 20, 2013

A walk around the Great Orme #9

Picture of the Lighthouse B&B Llandudno

We’re taking a break for a while, so we thought we would take you on a walk all the way around the Great Orme until we’re back. There will also be a few interesting facts mentioned on our walk, which we have compiled from various sources. Apologies in advance if any aren’t 100% accurate!

After the next corner we get our first sight of the old lighthouse, which is now a guest house.

The lighthouse was built by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company in 1862.  Its warning beacon shone until 1985, when the optic was removed. The optic can now be seen at the Visitor Centre on top of the Great Orme.



  1. Im enjoying the walk around the orme this week some fascinating facts, and im not even out of breath at all!!.is that the rest and be thankfull cafe just peeping over the ridge? .a nice cupper is the order of the day i think, “my treat”.

  2. i stayed in a lighthouse in Scotland back in the 1990s, I wouldn’t mind a go at this one!

  3. Lovely play of light. Weather’s been good so far!

  4. I like this view very much.

  5. Imagine waking up to those glorious views and yet how different this lighthouse will feel in a November fog.It could feature in an Agatha Christie play. Glad you are on the walk Terry. Looking forward to my cuppa. Will buy the scones!

  6. What a fab location for a guest house!

  7. Gosh, that would be a great place to be a guest. Imagine the views! (There, to and fro!)

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