Posted by: Geoff | October 14, 2013

A walk around the Great Orme #3

Picture of the Great Orme Llandudno

We’re taking a break for a while, so we thought we would take you on a walk all the way around the Great Orme until we’re back. There will also be a few interesting facts mentioned on our walk, which we have compiled from various sources. Apologies in advance if any aren’t 100% accurate!

Approaching the head of the Orme, which was visible in the distance in yesterday’s post.

Picture of Llandudno Pier

This is the view looking back towards the way we have just walked.



  1. Onwards and upwards. Little legs working hard. Worth the effort for that view!

  2. it looks like the kind of day we had yesterday, very foggy!

  3. I love the sheer cliffs looking out to sea.

  4. This is a great tour we are having!

  5. Looks like that would be a pretty long walk. I’m a little leery of the drop on the other side of the wall. But I certainly like the view from up there!

  6. I can see why anyone would love walking this – gorgeous views from every angle (and looks like good exercise, to boot)!

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