Posted by: Geoff | October 7, 2013

Work on Llandudno Pier

Picture of Llandudno Pier

A look at the ongoing work to make the landing stage fit to accept ships at the pier once again.



  1. Thats great news that the ships will be returning to the pier, i can fondley remember them back when i was a toddler, beckoning a nice little trip to the isle of mann.

  2. I also remember the ships and the trips to the Isle of Man. On one occasion boarded the boat in Liverpool with all the holiday luggage for the sail to Llandudno.It was very exciting for a little girl to arrive in what I thought was the equivalent of a trans-Atlantic liner. Hope this will mean more customers for you!

  3. Ah! Real progress that can be appreciated by many.

  4. What happened that they stopped receiving ships? Will these be large ships, cruise ships. Very cool!

  5. Doing construction at the end of a pier has to take a special building talent.

  6. How exciting.

  7. Will there be day trips to and from Llandudno?

    • Hi Jacky, not sure just yet when or where the ships will be sailing!

  8. Great news! Will there be ships coming from Liverpool or Blackpool?

    • No idea at the moment! They were supposed to have been sailing earlier this summer, but the work was delayed.

  9. How exciting to take a ship here, I hope the project finishes speedily and does well!

  10. I also remember, as a child, walking the planks with my parents in order to climb aboard a boat/small ship to take a trip down the Menai Straits. Where else we went, I do not remember!

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