Posted by: Geoff | October 5, 2013

Atop the wall

Picture of Great Orme goats Llandudno

This pair of goats seemed quite happy perched on top of the wall as I walked past them.



  1. Its Usually green bottles standing on the wall i thought!, but these fine fellows make a better photo geoff, thanks!

  2. Hey, does that guy look like a goat?

    You mean that character pointing that little box at us?


    No, he ain’t no goat! Let’s butt him off the mountain!

    Oops, there he goes! That guy sure can run!

  3. They have a commanding view from there!

  4. They seem to be wondering what you are doing there!

  5. They look like they’re on a preci…precip…Oh, you know!

  6. Keep in line now. No buts!

  7. Wish I could look as happy and nonchalant perched on the edge like that! Lovely capture of some very nimble ones:)

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