Posted by: Geoff | October 2, 2013

Early morning swim

Picture of a seal Llandudno

I spotted this seal just after 8am this morning, swimming very closely to the Great Orme.

I wonder if it’s the same one that I saw last month?



  1. Come on in,the water’s lovely! A glorious mix of colours and textures.

  2. Splash! here i am! What a lovely creature, hope he wasnt too late for the film show the other week!

  3. I love seeing these wonderful sea creatures. What a treat.

  4. I didn’t know you had seals there. Nice catch! I remember seeing scads of these things on the rocks off of Monterey, California. Interesting critters!

  5. It’s always magical to see animals in the wild like that!

  6. Do they usually swim so close to shore?

    • Hi Petrea, they are usually found at Angel Bay, which is on the other side of the Little Orme. However this particular one seems to be a frequent visitor to the Great Orme, which is a couple of miles or so away. By the way, I’ve tried several times to leave a comment on your blog without any success?

      • Hi Geoff – Was it recent? I’m not sure what’s going on. I know a lot of people love WordPress but I confess I haven’t figured it out yet.

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