Posted by: Geoff | September 23, 2013

Sunday at Llandudno Arts Weekend

Picture of the Tudno Castle Hotel Llandudno

Part of the derelict Tudno Castle Hotel was reopened to create ‘The Last Dance’, an installation which meditates on sorrow and death.  Here is a view of what we think was the hotel’s bar, where layers of peeling wallpaper and the smell of a building in decline created a real sense of decay.

Desiree Palmen

Meanwhile, back on the promenade, this innocuous group of holidaymakers was actually a performance by artist Desiree Palmen.  The children on the right and by the shelter are dummies stitched onto adult clothing, creating an effect that challenged passers-by with a change in context.  (We should add that the lady in the shelter and the man in blue are actually passers-by, who stopped to comtemplate the scene.)

Bugaloo Stu at Llandudno Arts Weekend (Large)

And in contrast to the murky interior of the Tudno Castle Hotel, here’s Bugaloo Stu’s bathing machine.  Stu’s cathartic performance involves a one-to-one chat about your relationships and your ideal partner, from which he creates a sock puppet to reflect what you’ve discussed.

We should really say how wonderful the Arts Weekend has been, and how much credit should go to curator Marc Rees and organiser Christine Mathews-Sheen for creating the event in such a short space of time. We’re looking forward to LLAWN02 already!



  1. it is beautiful inside! and i love these bathing machines!

  2. This really does sound like an amazing event. An event that I know I would enjoy very much.

  3. Always wondered what this hotel was like inside and it is a shame to see it so neglected.Let’s hope someone will come to its rescue.

  4. Love the photos.

  5. What great fun. Not so sure about the death meditation thing but love the performance art looks great. I’d guess you had a heck of a good time!

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