Posted by: Geoff | September 17, 2013

Waiting for Jaws

Picture of Llandudno Promenade

The promenade, opposite the St George’s Hotel, shortly after 10.30 this morning. It’s very wet and very windy!

Fingers crossed for much better weather this Friday night, when there will be an open air showing of Jaws at this particular spot of the prom.  The free screening, which is part of Llandudno Arts Weekend, will see the audience seated in deckchairs and waiters from the St George’s serving a specially-created Shark Attack cocktail.  The Town Hall will be an alternative venue if the weather is bad.



  1. oh it looks so cold! my fingers are crossed for perfect weather friday…sounds like fun!

  2. Wow another seafront treat friday,jaws an old fave film of mine, and so close to the sea as well!! “you brave people”. il stop singing so hopefully itl clear up for you all.

  3. Looks wet and windy and cold! I’d love to be there for “Jaws,” but I haven’t been able to book a flight. So, I’ll just wish you great weather and a great time!

  4. reckon it’ll be the town hall – one of my neighbour’s just back from a stay at the Grand and said she’d had a good time there.

  5. Oh my, that does look very wet and cold.

  6. Fingers crossed! It does look very wet and windy – though a town hall event sounds nice and cosy too. I’d love a Shark Attack!

  7. Lovely colours. There’s a hardy soul braving the elements and a poor old palm tree trying to look tropical.Even Jaws is reluctant to show a fin to-day!

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