Posted by: Geoff | September 3, 2013

Mad as a Hatter

Picture of the Mad Hatter Llandudno promenade

A portrait of the Mad Hatter, whose wooden sculpture can be found on the promenade.

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  1. He looks cheerful

  2. Am I a solo miserable old killjoy in feeling that these grotesque A-in-W statues that disfigure the town are not only a dreadful waste of money but are the stuff of childrens’ nightmares as well?

    • Either way Chris, they certainly attract lots of attention and debate!

  3. Not my favourite things either but full marks for the town’s flower displays.

  4. Wouldnt like to bump into him in the dark!!,not long now for your holls barbara. .have fun!!

    • Certainly will Terry. Glad you liked the Goldwings!

  5. what is the connection for having him there?

    • Llandudno has tentative links with Alice in Wonderland, hence the various sculptures dotted around the town.

  6. I always pictured him being a bit more frightening-looking, this one almost has a gentle look!:)

  7. I had no idea there was a memorial to this character anywhere in the world. How nice.

  8. I think I would go looking for the Alice pieces if I visited there!

  9. I think he’s fun!

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