Posted by: Geoff | August 30, 2013

Doorway to Mostyn

Oriel Mostyn Llandudno (Large)

The grand entrance to the Mostyn art gallery, captured yesterday afternoon on our way to the press launch of Llandudno Arts Weekend.

The arts festival, which has been named LLAWN01, is curated by Marc Rees, who brought Adain Avion to the town last year. At the launch, Marc talked us through the events taking place between September 20th and 22nd, which will be centred around six Victorian-style bathing machines. Visit the Arts Weekend’s website to find out more: LLAWN01.



  1. wow, that certainly is a grand entrance and the festival sounds great…you’ll be there right?!

  2. That entrance is just stunning.

  3. Love all the carvings on that entranceway!

  4. You have captured all the intricate details of the arch. Must have taken much time and expertise to build. Not a bit of litter about to spoil the shot either !

  5. Now that’s what I call inviting!

  6. What a fantastic archway! I’d love to go in and see more. 🙂

  7. I hope the artwork inside is as impressive as the entryway! It’s beautiful.

  8. I love the beautiful look and architecture of the archway. Would love a peek inside too:)

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