Posted by: Geoff | August 22, 2013

Thursday morning

Picture of Llandudno Pier

A view of the Pier and Little Orme, taken at 8.30 this morning from Marine Drive.



  1. Just you and the sea! The water has the sheen of old pewter.

  2. A great dreamy photo geoff!!

    • Thanks Terry, there is hardly a cloud in the sky now.

  3. Back to the more muted tones today. I do like your skies!

  4. Nice view. Those clouds look like the type that burn off as the day warms up.

  5. Looks so serene and that body of water looks so big when compared with the pier…does a morning like this mean rain is on the way or will the cloud cover dissipate?

    • Could go either way, it’s now mid afternoon and it’s sunny and hot.

  6. Love the texture in the water!

  7. That light, that composition, that water and pier! I hope the weather went well after all. I still find it incredible you get to see this each day:)

  8. Fantastic pool of light!

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