Posted by: Geoff | August 20, 2013

Happy Valley view

Picture of the Happy Valley Llandudno

Looking towards the Great Orme from the Happy Valley.



  1. Am having my morning cup of tea and,in my mind’s eye,walking this sunlit path in Happy Valley.Love the little building and the light and shadows.

    For J.F. Perhaps your line of poetry is from the very end of King Lear – Pray you,undo this button.His beloved daughter,Cordelia, is dead,but the button reference is never really explained.

    • Thank you Barbara

  2. The Great Orme looks to be a fair distance from Happy Valley. If I had to choose today I’d probably stay happy right there in Happy Valley! But the Great Orme does look inviting!

  3. i like the name happy valley….this photo has a sort of “fall” feel to it 🙂

  4. That really is a wonderful view, so green and lush.

  5. So where’s Alice?

  6. I could use some time in Happy Valley!

  7. So there nestles a cottage ….

    • Look up: jung dong ha – First Button lyrics. Is this your line of poetry?
      Where did it all go wrong?
      Like buttons fastened wrongly.

  8. Beautiful picture. I’m from Llandudno, such a scenic town.

  9. A very different sky than what I usually see here. Nice!

  10. That is a super-happy valley indeed! What a gorgeous view and gorgeous sky to boot (it’s been more cloudy than not here:) Also, I’m thrilled I actually got as far as your comment box! (Sorry, I don’t know why I’m still having so much trouble commenting on WordPress blogs)

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