Posted by: Geoff | August 8, 2013

Milk and sugar?

Picture of Haulfre Tea Rooms Llandudno

A bright and sunny early morning view of the outdoor area of the Haulfre Tea Rooms.

The Tea Rooms can also be seen here, in a photo taken last April.

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  1. Your lovely picture makes my day! Have spent many happy times here. Am with you (in spirit) for a cuppa. Soon be September and my next visit.

  2. Iv forgotten how nice this tea room is! its altered a bit since i last visited.. “Have a lovely holiday barbara”

    • Thanks Terry. Will give your love to Llandudno!

    • Hi Terry, had a couple in last week who mentioned you. Beryl and Roy?

  3. I’ll take mine plain please! Love the sunny patio.

  4. I’d like mine black please! And definitely on the terrasse. 🙂

  5. Bright and sunny makes the tea room much more inviting. This looks like a great place to have breakfast!

  6. A lovely spot for a cuppa!

  7. Delightful. I’ll have a cream tea please!

  8. Can you get there by car? Looks worth a visit.

    • It’s quite tricky to get up there by car, there are a couple of spaces just before you reach the tea rooms at the top of Cwlach Road, but I think they are used by residents.

  9. Drop me right into this scene! I’ll have a scone…or two!

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