Posted by: Geoff | August 5, 2013

Sunshine and shadow

Picture of Haulfre Gardens Llandudno

An early morning view through the Haulfre Gardens, looking towards the West Shore.

Ps: this photo was taken on Saturday morning, today’s weather is a lot wetter!


  1. Haulfre gardens a littlle bit of eden tucked away by the side of the great orme. A lovely, lovely place!!

  2. Love to wander along this walkway (after a cup of tea in the cafe) reach the end and then have that amazing sea view. It takes one’s breath away.

  3. how nice to have the whole place to yourself! so pretty!

  4. Looks like you had a sunny Sunday!

  5. Just lovely. What a great place to rest and meditate and/or just soak up the sun. Sounds like your weather is like our weather: if you don’t like it, wait a minute, it will change! 🙂

  6. You must have been there very early – got the place to yourself!

  7. No matter when the shot was taken, it’s a delightful path!

  8. one of our favourite walks :0)

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