Posted by: Geoff | July 24, 2013

Peaceful waters

Picture of Llandudno Pier

A hazy looking view of the Pier, taken just before 8am yesterday morning.

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  1. A wonderfully composed photo of a great subject. I’ll never get tired of looking at that pier…it is so big, too. I wonder, though, don’t you have any early morning fishermen?

    • I’m sure there may have been a few people trying their luck at the end of the pier, in the mist!

  2. I really like this photo of the pier heading out into the fog!

  3. what a nice time to be out and about!

  4. All is quiet on the pier at that hour!

  5. Has it cooled off any there? By the looks of the mist, it may have!

    • Lots more cloud around, even had one or two showers, but it’s still hot and humid.

  6. The quiet time before the rush!

  7. This would make a good film set with the mist and emptiness. Rather edgy.

    • Yes! A lone figure walking out to the end of the peer…a brief burst of light and strange white haze off shore…something eerie is out there…

  8. A beautiful, beautiful shot.

  9. Beautiful shot! I like how the pier trails into the mist.

  10. ee you were up and out early lad

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