Posted by: Geoff | July 20, 2013


Picture of Haulfre Gardens Llandudno

On our stroll along the Invalids’ Walk this morning,  we noticed how well the organic shape of this bench is blending into the bracken.


  1. Isn’t it nice to just stay natural?

  2. Interesting shot, lm not familier with the invalid walks, are they up aulfry gardens? i remember huts with seats up there,and at 1 time cages with little monkeys in them.

  3. I do like the way the bench fits right in here,

  4. Being created of wood it probably is somewhat comfy and thus a nice place to take a break and catch one’s breath. Looks like a lush area!

  5. Perfect place to rest a spell.

  6. after all the bad weather earlier the summer is here and now we’re complaining of the heat – I bet Llandudno is heaving now

    • It’s not a pretty sight Gerald!

  7. Wonder if it was made by the same person who carved the fir-cone seat in Happy Valley. The wood looks familiar. Always grateful for a seat!

  8. It looks as if the bracken wants to take over the bench!

  9. I like it. It looks like it was designed by the fairy folk.

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