Posted by: Geoff | July 11, 2013

Don’t look down!

Picture of rock climbing on the Great Orme Llandudno

Taken yesterday evening on my walk around the Great Orme, hope he got to the top safely!



  1. Looks like a good place for a practice run.The thought of it makes me go weak at the knees but I sense you are a bit of a mountain goat from some of your more daring shots!

  2. Thats “sheer” awsome! Good to meet you today geoff.

    • Pleasure to meet you Terry. I’m glad you are enjoying your stay, hope it isn’t too hot!

  3. That scares me just to look at him.

  4. Yikes. I assume he was doing this on purpose?

    • I presume so! He had a pal at the bottom of his rope, just out of shot.

  5. I’ll skip that adventure!

  6. Do you take a walk around the Great Orme every evening? Isn’t that a long way? You got an interesting photo here. Why would someone do that? I do not understand mountain climbing. My motto is if I can’t read it on a step-ladder, it’s too high!

    • I go around it most days, not usually in the evening though, and it’s around a four and a half mile walk.

  7. Oh I’m sure he did! It’s impressive on a cliff!

  8. Not one of those cliff climbers who keep falling off, only having to be rescued by the RNLI? Oh, my mistake, that’s Anglesea!

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