Posted by: Geoff | July 1, 2013

RAF Freedom Parade

Picture of RAF Freedom Parade Llandudno

Part of the annual RAF Freedom Parade, which began from outside Llandudno Town Hall yesterday morning.



  1. That’s a smart turnout on a fine looking morning. Just outside your cafe too!

    • Intrigue.

  2. Everybody loves a parade!

  3. An emaculate sight,reminds me of my boys brigade days.

  4. Looks like a fine day for a parade! I see marching bands and cops. And quite a few people decided to check it out!

  5. I do enjoy watching a parade!

  6. a nice day for a parade! i love to hear the marching bands!

  7. I love a parade too! I’d be lining up right there on the road’s edge, hopefully I get a good spot:)

  8. So many people were out to watch!

  9. Looks like there was a good crowd… and sunshine too!

  10. A sunny summer day and a parade–what could be better? I’m enamored with all the buildings in town. You live in such a beautiful place!

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