Posted by: Geoff | June 27, 2013

Water to water

Picture of Llandudno promenade

The paddling pool at the end of Llandudno Promenade, with the sea and the sky behind.

Not sure it’s warm enough at the moment to dip our feet in though.



  1. Now there’s an infinity pool! Doesn’t look like a day for paddling though.

  2. I’m kind of wishing we had some cool water around here right now.

  3. I get frustrated at bodies of water that are too cold to dip my toes into! Lake Superior in northern Minnesota seldom gets above about 40 degrees even in the summer. But it looks so beautiful, as does this paddling pool!

  4. Craig y Don end of the prom. Usually nice and quiet. Usually!

  5. Maybe not quite a day for paddling but what a sight! Something about pools near water, very indulgent and beautiful.

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