Posted by: Geoff | June 26, 2013

Looking towards Rhos

Picture of the view from the Little Orme Llandudno

Another image from Monday’s walk up the Little Orme; this is the view directly opposite to yesterday’s picture.

Rhos on Sea can be seen jutting out in the centre of the image with Colwyn Bay, and its derelict pier, just visible beyond and to the right.



  1. Looks like it was taken from an airplane and again, I’m surprised at how large the area is! But from whatever angle, its beauty is majestic!

  2. Another wonderful view.

  3. We will be there soon. Joy.

    • Have a wonderful time.

      • Thank you.

  4. Good to see this view. On our last visit to Llandudno visited the smallest church in Britain which we found on the seashore at Rhos.It’s a real find. Built of stone with enough room to seat six people and set in its own little garden it is still being used after hundreds of years. Think the website is St.Trillos Rhos-on-Sea.

  5. This really gives us the idea of your positioning along the coast!

  6. Turn around 360° and all you see is beauty!

  7. It makes one want to pause and linger forever. There is nothing like being on the edge of that wonderful water!

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