Posted by: Geoff | June 25, 2013

View from the Little Orme

Picture of Llandudno from the Little Orme

A view taken from the top of the Little Orme yesterday, looking back along the promenade with the Pier and Great Orme in the distance.

This angle gives you a good perspective on the geography of the town; the North Shore to the right and West Shore to the left, with Anglesey beyond.



  1. The north and west shore in 1 shot, and the curve of the bay, costa del llandudno here i come. brilliant geoff!!

    • Thanks Terry, hot and sunny today… don’t forget your sun cream!

  2. Thanks for a view of Llandudno we don’t often see.

  3. This is just stunning and I appreciate very much the perspective. I did not (dumb me!) realize you lived on a peninsula. I’m in awe!

  4. That is such a wonderful view.

  5. The pier looks so tiny!

  6. That is a wonderful perspective – really gives an idea of the geography and how the town fits in – Love it!!

  7. great shot!

  8. What a magnificent view!

  9. I’m going backward in time, but love imagining how this juxtaposes against the more recent one. Gorgeous views all around, literally!

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