Posted by: Geoff | June 13, 2013

Into the cloud

Picture of the Great Orme Llandudno

The Great Orme seen from the Pier yesterday afternoon, hopefully the sunny skies will return again very soon!



  1. Low-hanging clouds and mountains make for great pictures – like this! And certainly the sun will return soon. It’s so hot here, this really looks good to me!

  2. This makes a great photo!

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  5. good shot – it’ll lift in an hour or a day or a week or a month

  6. It’s gorgeous even like that, really atmospheric!

  7. Sorry to miss you on Wednesday morning. This sea mist was very enveloping as we walked along to your shop. Have had a lovely few days.See you in September.

    • Happy to hear you had a nice visit Barbara, hopefully see you in September!

  8. Beautiful and love how it just envelops those slopes. It’s so nicely moody, like something straight out of a movie!

  9. I love days like this when whole landscapes can vanish in moments. There’s always a sense of heightened possibility on foggy days…you might walk into the mist and emerge in the 1400’s. I like to imagine doing that anyway. Except they didn’t believe in toothpaste back then. That might be a problem… 🙂

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