Posted by: Geoff | June 10, 2013

View from Marine Drive

Llys Helig Drive Llandudno

Yesterday was another perfect summer day in Llandudno.  Here is the view from Marine Drive, looking towards Conwy and down to Llys Helyg (Helig) Drive on the right of the image.  Llys Helyg Drive is currently one of the most expensive streets in Wales, in terms of property prices.



  1. pretty day for a sunday drive!

  2. What a sight! I’ll bet you never get tired of looking at this. And I can certainly understand why Llys Helyg Drive would be expensive property when it’s right on the water and has this magnificent view!

  3. What a view! Like Lowell, I’m sure that property demands a high price because of that wonderful view.

  4. With a view like that you should be able to get huge $$ for any property along there. (I don’t know how to make a pound symbol. )

  5. Your perfect days are perfectly amazing – I could look at this view forever and never tire of the way it changes. (And how fun that you/your wife remember ABC Carpet – it’s easy to get lost in there for hours:)

  6. It looks like a lovely day indeed!

  7. It was always my dream to live here.South facing with an ever changing seascape.Have bought a little lottery ticket.

  8. I’m not surprised, I mean just look at the view! Beautiful in all seasons, I am trying to imagine a winter storm but somehow can’t just now!

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