Posted by: Geoff | June 3, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Llandudno Promenade

Yesterday afternoon on the promenade, complete with seagulls on the look-out for ice cream or chips.



  1. Great opportunists these seagulls!

  2. it’s really coming alive!

  3. Ah, summer…what a great day you had. And lots of folks out to enjoy it. Those rascally seagulls, though – got to watch them. I’ve had them fly down and grab food out of my hand! Hope your day is going well!

  4. That seagull has found a good lookout point over this wonderful view.

  5. It looks like it was a great day!

  6. My kind of day! A touch of seaside (gulls, promenade & ice cream included) a day keeps the doctor away:)

  7. They are highly unlikely to get any of my Flake 99! So you have a sort of obelisk!

  8. What a beautiful day! I think the seagull should have stood on the obelisk for a better view of the ice cream cart.

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