Posted by: Geoff | June 2, 2013

Walking the planks

Picture of Llandudno

This family appear to be enjoying the sunny weather and being out on the sparkly waters of the bay.



  1. Love this! But this distant pier hardly looks big enough to hold them! And really scary in a storm. I wonder if they’re just sitting and talking or if they’re fishing…

  2. Now Lowell has me worried. It all looks a bit fragile though!

  3. Send me some sunny weather! It’s raining here. 🙂

  4. It does look very tiny from this distance.

  5. This is just glorious. The sparkling sea, the pastel row of houses and the hills…

  6. I hope their balance is good!

  7. Oh, there’s nothing like this kind of weather – what a lovely vignette of blues! (I just heard a clap of thunder here, it’ll be storming soon…I’d love some of your weather instead:).

  8. This is a completely different sort of walking the plank than I usually envision–pirate ships, peg legs, and a lot of “Avast, me hearties!” over the clashing of swords. This looks a lot more pleasant. 🙂

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