Posted by: Geoff | May 29, 2013

Down the track

Picture of Llandudno Great Orme Tramway

Further down the track from yesterday’s picture, the last section of the Great Orme Tramway that ends at Victoria Station.

The King’s Head pub can be seen on the right.



  1. What a nice view! And I think after a trip to the Great Orme, a stop at the King’s Head pub would be in order!

  2. Love it that they have double-yellow lines down the side!

  3. love this view and i’ll stop at the pub too!

  4. Beautiful view of the city.

  5. The perspective is amazing. You live in a truly stunning part of the world!

  6. This pic really gives an idea of how steep it is!

  7. What a view! Now is there a stop at the pub or do you have to jump out? 🙂

    • The station is less than a minutes walk from the pub!

  8. A long ,steep track. Think we should all meet at the pub! Is the good chip shop still there at journey’s end?

    • Fish Tram Chips is still there Barbara!

  9. Gee, perhaps all of LlandudnoPictures fans should have a virtual pub meetup (bring your own bottle) on Google Hangouts…that is, if any of us could figure out how to use it LOL!

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