Posted by: Geoff | May 28, 2013

Fields of gold

Picture of the Great Orme Tramway Llandudno

Tram No 6 seen making its way down from the Great Orme summit earlier this morning.



  1. looks empty…still a little early for tourists?

    • It was on its way to meet the upward bound tram which was just arriving at the Half Way Station, packed with people!

  2. In lieu of sunny skies, a sunny landscape. What are the flowers?

  3. I assume the flowers are gorse

    • Thanks. Not too familiar with it here in N. America and, after checking wikipedia, I’m kind of glad. It’s native to W. Europe & N. Africa, but is considered an invasive species in various places across the globe. Pretty, but pernicious!

  4. What a beautiful view across the fields.

  5. Very cool shot! Unfortunately, it looks like the tram is bereft of passengers early in the morning…perhaps more later in the day? Oops! I just read your earlier response, Geoff. Thanks!

  6. Lovely view of the tram. I looks a bit foggy so what can the tourists see when they reach the top?

    • Lots of spectacular views, on a clear day!

  7. Love your title. Shades of Sting. I believe gorse flowers make a good wine!

  8. We have nothing like that here, so beautiful and wild. I hope those getting off the tram enjoyed this scene!

  9. Very scenic! The drivers get treated to this amazing view every day?!

  10. I’m never really in Brittany at this time of the year and I miss seeing the all yellow coast, so your photo is a real treat! But why is the tram soooo empty?!

  11. Quite an unusual shot of your area. I wouldn’t have thought we were on the Orme. Nice one.

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