Posted by: Geoff | May 26, 2013

More from Llandudno Air Show 2013

Picture of Llandudno Air Show 2013

Another shot from yesterday’s Air Show, here is a search and rescue display featuring an RAF Sea King helicopter and the RNLI. Note the crowds of people lining the promenade in the background.

Below is a close up of the helicopter.

Picture of Llandudno Air Show 2013 Sea King

And finally, a crowd’s-eye view, taken by our friend Robert from Mobility Products 4 U:

Llandudno Air Show from Robert (Large)

Click here to see yesterday’s picture from the Air Show.

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  1. This show really does draw a crowd. That is certainly a lot of people on the ground watching.

  2. Good to have two photographs to-day. The weather has certainly been in your favour. Comforting to know that there is such strong support if you ever need rescuing.You might even get Prince William in the helicopter!

  3. I hope some of that crowd made it out to your shop!

  4. That’s impressive! And blue sky too!

  5. Amazing shots! I love seeing shows like this, it looks like you all enjoyed some fine weather – perfect show weather!

  6. Glad to see you’re having some nice weather for the show. It sure brings out the crowd.

  7. Very cool shots!

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