Posted by: Geoff | May 22, 2013

Dull and breezy

Picture of Llandudno Pier

A dull and very deserted looking Pier at noon yesterday.

However, just an hour or so after this was taken, the skies cleared and we enjoyed a very sunny afternoon.



  1. Was it cool? Looks cool. Hopefully, when the sun came out, the people did, too! I should think that would be a great place to work; except in stormy weather!

  2. oh it looks a little chilly! love the perspective!

  3. Another coffee shop morning! Those flags they are a-flying but I’ll wait for the sun.

  4. One of those days with a little of everything.

  5. Dull, breezy and cold here, but the sea makes it so much easier I think than polluted greater Paris!

  6. This still looks quite inviting!

  7. I hope it warmed up for you because it looks cold and windy in this picture.

  8. Ah, I bet you are hoping for a sunnier day tomorrow. :))

  9. Dull and breezy, maybe, but still a beautiful setting!

  10. You managed to make “dull and breezy” into something special with excellent framing.

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