Posted by: Geoff | May 16, 2013

From The Fat Cat to The Lilly Llandudno

Picture of The Lilly Bar And Grill Llandudno

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar which closed on April 23rd this year (see here) has now become The Lilly Bar & Grill and opens this Friday at 5pm.

This image was taken early yesterday morning.

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  1. The Lilly Llandudno sounds inviting. Hope it is a success.

    • They also have a place on the West Shore; The Lilly Restaurant With Rooms, which is always worth a visit. Especially on a sunny evening, the views are fantastic.

      • Thanks for info’.Will be in Llandudno on 9th June. Can’t wait!

  2. that didn’t take long…i wonder if they will keep the fat cat sign up

  3. I’m guessing the food and service will be about the same. But I like the name, “Fat Cat Cafe Bar,” better than “The Lilly Restaurant.” I suppose “The Lilly Restaurant” sounds a bit more elegant, though, so maybe the food and service will be a bit more upscale. 🙂

  4. Here’s hoping the new owners have better luck.

  5. I hope it does well, it looks a nice space and the name is rather irresistible!:

  6. I like that they are keeping the old sign up!

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