Posted by: Geoff | May 13, 2013

Fifty shades of grey

Picture of Llandudno Promenade May 2013

Grey skies and chilly temperatures returned on Sunday, and look set to continue over the next few days.  Still a beautiful view, though.



  1. we are getting cool weather for the next couple of days too…back into the 80’s middle of the week…can the warm weather just stick around? pretty view!

  2. A grey day picture but if you enlarge it you will see a very elegant seafront.

  3. Subtle colors!

  4. It’s the same weather pattern here!

  5. Haha, thanks for the chuckle over the title:) Beautiful, very subtle variations on grey everywhere (oops, saw that Sharon already used subtle:).

  6. Beautiful indeed.

  7. Nice cityscape despite the overcast skies.

  8. It is beautiful! When are we going to have spring weather? 🙂

  9. All I saw at first was the title, and I thought maybe you were catering to a whole new readership. 😉 A very regal skyline. The grey somehow makes it more stately.

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