Posted by: Geoff | May 8, 2013

Sea view

Picture of the West Shore Llandudno

Earlier this morning, a solitary figure enjoying the view out to sea from the West Shore beach.



  1. A time to stand and stare.

  2. I’m jealous. Looking at the sea is what I miss most.

  3. i like this shot, with the man enjoying the view!

  4. Looks like a good spot to soak up the atmosphere.

  5. Lovely shot! I just wish they’d invent a camera that could also take a “snapshot” of the smell of the sea air and the feeling of the sea breeze! I’d send you one, if they did! Oh how I want to be there!

  6. I can feel his view, if you know what I mean. Wonderful!

  7. Beautiful, I wish I could’ve been in his shoes! A bit landlocked these days around here:)

  8. Looks nice and warm and reminds me of our east coast beaches…I can smell the sea as it rolls on by!

  9. He looks very contemplative. I’m quite convinced that an afternoon spent staring at the sea can fix almost anything.

  10. The temperature must be pleasant since he has a short-sleeved shirt on and in no rush to leave for warmer shelters.

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