Posted by: Geoff | May 7, 2013

The morning after

Picture of Mostyn Street Llandudno

This was the scene on Upper Mostyn Street shortly after 7am this morning.

All traces of the Extravaganza gone for another year.



  1. What a weekend it must have been!

  2. And what was the night before like!

  3. Looks like they even washed the street.

  4. Isn’t that amazing? Looks like an entirely different place. Loved your comment on Ocala today!

  5. So freshly washed and scrubbed! A fine new face for the new day:)

  6. Everyone is asleep!

  7. So peaceful!

  8. Reblogged this on this 'n that.

  9. Lovely street view! What kind of Extravaganza was it?

  10. So quiet. Sometimes morning walks like this is quite enjoyable.

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