Posted by: Geoff | April 24, 2013

The Fat Cat Llandudno is closed

Picture of Fat Cat Cafe Bar Llandudno Closed

Sad news: local stalwart, the Fat Cat Cafe Bar, went into administration yesterday. According to an article in the Daily Post, the bars in Llandudno, Stoke and Chester have closed, “while the remaining six profitable sites, which includes Bangor, will stay open while a buyer is sought”.



  1. These are precarious times for most businesses and it is sad to see another one close.

  2. sad to see a business close down…love the door on this one…

  3. I really hate when a favorite place goes under. Perhaps a buyer will come along and keep it open. Love the name.

  4. It’s always sad to see a business go under.

  5. Hopefully someone takes over the place and does something that everyone likes!

  6. I find it awfully sad when a beloved business folds. Like a bit of the community’s spirit gone forever. A very apt melancholy capture.

  7. I really like the name of this place. Very cool!

  8. I hope someone else takes over the business in time for the summer tourists.

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