Posted by: Geoff | April 18, 2013

Great Orme Historical Trail

Picture of the Great Orme Llandudno

A view of the Great Orme Historical Trail board that can be found on the western side of Marine Drive, part of which states:

You are now overlooking the remains of the Coastal Artillery School which was transferred from Shoeburyness in Essex in 1940. This relocation was the result of the need to expand the school and to protect it from the increasing number of air raids along the east coast. Today, most of the original buildings have been demolished, but the concrete bases of the gun emplacements, ammunition stores, roads and offices are still visible. The buildings were designed to look like ordinary cottages and one of the engine houses was camouflaged as a chapel, even including a cross on its roof.



  1. wow, that’s interesting!

  2. I wonder if the Nazis were fooled by the cross on the roof?

    It is nice to have this kind of historical marker. And what a view!

  3. Interesting history and wonderful view!

  4. I love maps that show you where you are and what the rest of the trail looks like.

  5. Fascinating piece of the area history!

  6. I love coming across these trail signs – to think of all those buildings were once there. How quickly things change. Beautiful view and shot! (And I’m so glad you enjoyed the NYTimes article)

  7. Just my cup of tea.Love maps and poking about ruins.This site must have one of the best views in Llandudno.Is it near your ‘secret’ blackberry patch?

  8. How interesting. I like the perspective of this shot. It gives a great feeling of expansiveness.

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