Posted by: Geoff | April 16, 2013

Half Way Station

Picture of Great Orme tram Llandudno

Tram Number 4 waiting to begin its descent from the Half Way Station on the Great Orme.

The Half Way Station is where passengers change trams to continue their journey up, or down, the Great Orme.



  1. On summer days the sky seems to get bluer,the wind fresher and the views wider when you change trams here.Some fascinating tram track mechanism-cables,cogs etc for the mechanically minded.You have captured the moment!

  2. There’s also a place to purchase refreshments at the Halfway Station, right?

    Love this shot – so well composed and the colors are striking!

  3. I wish I was there right now to take the tram instead of getting ready for work.

  4. It looks for a pleasant day to be going up the Orme!

  5. I like your view point here!

  6. I really like how you framed this shot! And those vibrant colours. Thanks also for your kind words re: Boston today.

  7. The tram looks so well maintained and clean. Looks almost like a ride at an amusement park.

  8. I love this photo! The way you’ve framed it, it looks like something straight out of a storybook.

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