Posted by: Geoff | April 12, 2013

Early morning view

Picture of Llandudno Pier

A close up of the end of the Pier from the Great Orme.

Our shop is visible to the right of shot.


  1. I kind of looks like a hazy day.

  2. This is super! Wonderful light. It must be a lot of fun to work there. Well, maybe not on a really stormy day, but still….

  3. Still a morning haze hanging around!

  4. That is a gorgeous moody scene – I hope the morning gave way to a lovely day. (Our weather is apparently rethinking itself, winter to summer to April showers:)

  5. You knocked this one out of the park, Geoff. The light on the water is a hope for sunny skies.

  6. Moody light makes this an interesting scene.

  7. This precious Steen set in the silver sea.

  8. What is a Steen? A beautiful scene. My Mum is on the mend and asking when we are going back to Llandudno.

    • Glad your mum is improving. This is a quote from Shakespeare’s play Richard II.I’ve changed stone to Steen,the surname of Geoff who makes our day with his pictures. Coming to Llandudno on 21st April.

  9. What beautiful morning light you’ve captured! I bet you don’t have any trouble getting up and going to work in your shop — what a great location. No windowless office for you!

  10. Thank you Barbara. A big relief with my Mum. How clever you are with your play on words. I imagine the 21st stands bright in your mind. A little too soon for Mum yet. Maybe the month after.

    • Lovely!

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