Posted by: Geoff | April 11, 2013

Young Great Orme goat

Picture of goats on the Great Orme

I spotted this young goat on my way around the Great Orme yesterday.

Fortunately the weather is showing signs of finally warming up, so hopefully it won’t be feeling too cold for much longer!



  1. what cuties!

  2. I wonder if the cold weather affects the goats to the same degree it does humans…probably not what with their wooly coats. They are cute but I’ll bet they’d butt you right off the Great Orme if you got too close!

  3. What a great capture!

  4. They are probably anxious to soak up some sun too!

  5. What a sweet sight and a great capture too! I do hope it truly warms soon, we went from winter to summer almost instantly, but it feels great for now:)

  6. A really beautiful photo!

  7. Mum and son. That’s nice. Like the texture of the rocks behind when I enlarge the picture.

  8. They are so cute! I’m glad to see there’s greenery for them to munch on.

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