Posted by: Geoff | April 10, 2013

Up and down

Cable cars Llandudno

Taken shortly after 10am this morning.

The red car makes its way down from the Great Orme summit, just as the yellow one begins its mile long ride to the top.



  1. I don’t like heights, as you might remember, but I think I’d ride in these — looks like fun and I’ll bet the views are spectacular.

    Re your comment on Ocala: I think you’re right. It seemed like no one was having a good time. 🙂

  2. i used to like riding these at the zoo!

  3. This is a lovely ‘up and away’ picture with a daffodil carpet below.Will not be riding the wire though.Too cowardly.

  4. A good sign of summer on the way.

  5. I bet there’s a nice view from up there.

  6. This is not the transport I would have pictured! I think I’d enjoy it.

  7. Looks very scar to me! I wish I didn’t have such a fear of falling.

  8. Fantastic angle and I remember having a fun if harrowing trip on these.

  9. So colorful and inviting! I love how you framed this and looks like a nice way to spend a spring day:)

  10. I didn’t realize that the trip was that long!

  11. Looks like fun! I love the spring flowers blooming down below.

  12. I did not know going up the Great Orme summit was so convenient and fun!

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