Posted by: Geoff | March 27, 2013


Picture of icicles on the Great Orme Llandudno

Over on the ‘dark side’ of the Great Orme, hidden from direct sunlight, these icicles have managed to stay firmly intact.

Marine Drive is still unpassable for vehicles at its highest point, just before the descent to the West Shore begins; as seen here on Monday’s post.



  1. ohhh that does look cold! our snow from sunday is almost completely gone…leaving a soupy, muddy mess, yuck!

  2. Oh my, the cold is still hanging on.

  3. That’s actually quite frightening! Those things could do some real damage were they to fall on someone’s head! Yikes. Love the photo!

  4. Wow, it looks like winter still doesn’t want to loosen its grip. (We’ve likewise had the extreme weather swings you’d mentioned before, sun/snow/sleet/rain /hail all within 24 hours!)

  5. Great shot! We have some hidden pockets of snow and ice here too but hopefully they will soon be gone.

  6. Icy fingers on the dark side of the Orme!Shudder!

  7. Shudder indeed.

  8. Those are sharp. I hope you get some relief from the cold soon.

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