Posted by: Geoff | March 22, 2013

Pier closed today

Snow on Llandudno Pier

The Pier at 8am this morning, a very icy and slippery deck with a light dusting of snow on top.

Winter has clearly not ended just yet!



  1. Thanks for this…I’ve been wondering what the pier looks like close up. But a little chilly now, it seems. Be careful you don’t fall and break your camera! 🙂

  2. That’s a sad pier to-day although the colours cheer it up a bit.Not used to seeing Llandudno looking so lonely.Come on sun.Get shining!

  3. Oh my, after all those sunny photos, it’s back to winter.

  4. I miss Britain very much, but this reminds me why I should stay in sunny Pasadena.

  5. Spring seems to have abandoned many of us!

  6. At least there are some festive colors to brighten up the snowy pier.

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