Posted by: Geoff | March 14, 2013

St Tudno’s Church

St Tudno's Church Great Orme Llandudno

According to the Parish of Llandudno’s website,  St Tudno’s on the Great Orme has been a place for Christians to worship for over 1400 years. This present church was built in the 12th century.

St Tudno is the patron saint of Llandudno and his feast day is celebrated on June 5th.



  1. It must have been constructed very well to survive all these years in such good condition. What a wonderful sense of history the people in your area must have!

  2. These are the places that we Americans have a hard time thinking about. That church is older than our whole country.

  3. Love this shot!

  4. How amazing, there is so little to show from people’s 12th-century lives here. I love that this has withstood weathering and time so well, lovely structure!

  5. Think how many worshippers have sat in this church and how many eyes have looked over these waters to the distant horizon.Makes one feel one has a small but significant part in the nature of things.

  6. 12th century? That’s amazing. And it still looks in pretty good shape. It’s hard to imagine anything that old. Around here, when a building reaches 20 years, someone tears it down (or it falls down) and builds a new one!

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